Online Gambling Continues Massive Upward Trend In 2018

As forecasted the booming online gambling industry has risen again this year as it has year over year. The credible and reliable Juniper Research group has predicted a substantial global increase of 11.4% and a staggering $700 billion in 2018 which would be a new record compared to 2017’s $620 billion. The firm also estimates that there will be $1 trillion wagered by 2020 with 684 million online gamblers which is astonishing. Two of the main influences that Juniper feels contributes to the influx is technology innovations such as cell phone upgrades and also the near future legalization of online In the U.S. With the ease of online gambling and the ongoing software upgrades in game development the new generation of gamblers will continue to switch over from land based to online casinos.

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